Any entrepreneur will tell you if you are not focused on supplying an outstanding customer experience you're setting your company up for failure. Traditionally, this demanded to hire a customer support staff to handle customer interactions, a more pricey investment for any startup or a small company. Fortunately, the recent inventions in Client Experience Technology help to solve this issue without breaking the bank. These inventions can't just make your life simpler, but also help provide another component to your value proposition which may set you apart from rivals. Even though there are numerous options, here are three cost-friendly options which may enable a startup soar.

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  1. Telephone Routing -- This is the clearest choice and you are probably familiar with. As a client, we could all agree that one of the very frustrating encounters is calling a company who fails to answer their telephone or must divert you manually a lot of times. As a company owner, it is not only an inconvenience but a nightmare. You might have been led to think this is simply a solution readily available to banks and even cable companies, but fear not! With recent innovations pushing down the price of the option, every small company can and should install their own phone routing IVR. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a mechanic, a dry cleaner or a tech startup, a simple, "Press 1 to speak to Sales, or Press 2 to speak with a customer support agent" may go a long way in either professionalism and customer experience.
  2. IVR Payment Processing -- Can you manually process obligations, either in person or on the telephone? Not only is that fraught with safety problems, but it is also not a fantastic use of you or your employee's time. You're in luck. IVR companies with PCI Compliant environments may set up an automatic payment alternative which will save you cash. In the conclusion of the day, your clients wish to finish their job of paying their invoice in the simplest and fastest way possible. By assembling an automatic payment IVR, they simply call in, enter pertinent identifying information and create their payment. Some businesses may also help save payment information to ensure that clients that pay frequently can pay even quicker. But you decide to use this technology, payment processing IVRs will help save you money and time -- each entrepreneur may use both!
  3. Talking of payment processing, how can your clients know when they're overdue on payment? Do you manually send them a reminder via a slow mail, or do you phone them straight? In case you've got a great deal of consumers, this may be very cumbersome and costly. An outbound broadcasting system is your answer! This tool is quite easy to deploy, but you have to be certain you're in keeping with the legal limitations regarding outbound text, voice and email campaigns (the brief answer is they will need to 'opt-in' to get messages on the medium which you select ). At the close of each month, you may upload a list of consumers who have past-due payments and send them a quick call, text or email, to remind them that they will need to create a payment. Additionally, you can have them"Press 1 to make a payment" which can forward them to your own payment processing IVR! In no more than five minutes you will have finished a job that could have taken a telephone center frequently people hours to finish.

It is time to propel your company by incorporating CX Driven Solutions! Save money and time by incorporating cost-efficient answers into your customer support procedures and you're going to see happier clients and a greater profit margin. By combining telephone routing, payment processing and outbound messaging you may set your business apart. Do not get left in the dust from the competition, update your CX systems now!

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