SEO is a whole process of improving the website's popularity, optimizing website's SEO to create a visitor and make your website as a search engine friendly site. In English, the word SEO is also known as search engine optimization.

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Nowadays SEO is born as a work required to come up to the top with the increase of internet sites, and the increase in the competition in internet sales and marketing.

Why SEO is Necessary;

  • SEO is necessary to take your website to top positions in your keywords
  • SEO is necessary to increase the number of visitors
  • SEO is necessary to increase the return visitors on your site
  • SEO is necessary to protecting the material and spiritual values of your site
  • SEO is necessary to raising brand awareness
  • SEO is necessary to maintain trust between your target audience and your website
  • SEO is necessary to increase your advertising performance

If we think that SEO is an advertising strategy, imagine as for how a newly opened store needs to be advertised, internet sites also need SEO work.

The number of visitors you will have on your newly opened website activity usually consists of the social networking platforms you are communicating with or the ones you share with your family and friends. If your content is related to water sports and you want to be visited by people interested in water sports as a target audience, it is not possible at the beginning.

What is SEO and why SEO is necessary?

The search engines' viewpoints for your new sites are evolving as follows. By the time the bots/crawlers have reviewed your site over a certain period of time and as a result you can see how much time you have gained in your development and popularity, how long your visitors stay on your pages, how they are interacting with your website is, and the purchasing and ordering operations performed are just a few of the 200 factors that determine your rankings.

It is wrong to make a classification that SEO is only necessary for "these" websites. Search engine optimization is required for all sites that are active on the internet and want to improve their business ahead to the competitors.